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这篇博客将简单介绍如何将 Hexo 部署到服务器上(我使用的是腾讯云服务器),并且可以通过 git 对网站进行同步和更新。主要参考链接:

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This blog is a simple cheatsheet for Hexo, the official documents and tutorials are:
这篇博客更像是一个使用 Hexo 基本功能的小小总结(类似于一篇 Cheatsheet),更官方的文档和教程可以参考:

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While in college, I worked at the University Arts Centre (UAC) for nearly 2 years as a graphic designer, designing posters for arts or culture events. I also helped design some posters for other events outside UAC, such as the math club or the student-founded studio Polaris Studio. I really enjoy the process of designing posters where I shape people’s feeling and expectation towards the event behind this one-page graphic.

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