About Me

Hi, my name is Yongqi

I majored in Computer Science and Engineering as an undergraduate student at the Chinese University of Hong Kong Shenzhen. Previously I worked as a graphic designer at the University Arts Centre. I also experienced as an UI / UX designer intern at Tencent.

Currently I plan to join the Master of Professional Studies in Information Science - UX Track at Cornell University in the future 2022 Spring. I long for studying and understanding the complex way that people and technology interact. My career goal is to be an UX designer that create digital products and services that harmonize human and technology.

我在香港中文大学(深圳)读本科修读计算机科学与工程。此前,我在大学艺术中心担任平面设计师,以及在腾讯担任过 UI/UX 设计师实习生。

我将在 2022 春季入读康奈尔大学信息科学硕士(用户体验方向)项目。我希望在未来成为一名 UX 设计师,创造能够让人与技术更好合作的产品和服务。




(+86) 139-2270-2630