While in college, I joined the work-study program at the University Arts Centre (UAC) for nearly 2 years as a graphic designer, designing posters for arts or culture events. I also helped design some posters for other events outside UAC, such as the math club or the student-founded studio Polaris Studio.

Those poster design exprience shaped my very first sense of art and design, and also helped develop my skillsets for design softwares such as Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. Personally speaking, I really enjoy the process of designing posters where I shape people’s feeling and expectation towards the event behind this one-page graphic.

Note that some of the poster design files were lost due to all kinds of reasons, and the following works might be the few survivors that can be found in my current computer:

Who Am I

March 2020

Buddly-Blue Under the Star

November 2019

Polaris Studio Recruitment

October 2019

On the Inheritance and Innovation of the Cultural Industry

April 2019

Ejing Zhang’s Jewellery and Brand Art

March 2019

Pan Erru’s Landscape Paintings

June 2018