Botanco is a mechanical plant pot that moves following a biological clock. The idea of Botanco is to deliver the message of a regular work-rest routine and encourage people to follow their natural cycles.

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Irregular bedtime routines might cause serious health problems.

In the past, people work and rest according to the natural routine of sunlight. However, nowadays, electronic devices have kept people awake even in the late hours of the night. Irregular routines and the behavior of staying up late has caused more and more serious health problems in both physical and psychological aspects.


Plants have their own internal clocks.

My inspiration comes from the natural routine of plants: plants “work” at day - perform photosynthesis, and “sleep” at night - engage in most activities related to growth and metabolism. There is an internal clock inside plants that guides them to follow their Circadian Rhythm.



I came up with the idea to design an electronic flower that imitates the movements of plants according to a biological clock. Instead of looking at the clock to tell the time, people can look at this electronic flower and tell whether it is time to work or rest. Besides, the flowerpot can function as both a cell phone holder and a night light, being an innovative and engaging sleeping companion.

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