In the 2021 Spring Festival, WeChat launched the support of customizing WeChat red packet covers, which can be shared with up to 10 WeChat friends. When at home, I spent some time designing a special Chinese New Year red packet cover for 2021 (the Year of the Ox) and shared it with my family and friends.

Design Process

The cover design is simple and limitless, it can be anything, as long as it fits the screen size of 860pt x 1000pt. What I thought of at the time was to make a simple and lively image of an ox, so I chose to make up the head of it in geometric elements.

When finishing the outlines, I chose two color sets: one is more active (in the middle of the picture below), with red, yellow, and blue; and the other is a more traditional color combination, with deep red and gold.


Text elements are added:


Finally, a thick border is added, giving them a better looking:


Final Demo

The below image shows how the cover looks when received a red packet in WeChat.

Final Demo