Stop-motion video “Cut Weight” is the final project of the elective course “Creative Stop-motion Animation” at the University Art Center. Due to the limited time, our video is roughly made, with a duration less than a minute. In the process of making this short video, we applied many basic skills of stop-motion animation, such as script writing, light effects, motion patterns, and sound effects. Although this is a super low-budget project, my teanmate and I really had some fun.


The lecturer Hou Yangjian (director, animator) gave us a very detailed instruction, including the motion patterns, materials, scripts and characters, lighting, editing, soundtracks, etc. Among them, the most important and the most difficult is the motion pattern of objects, which involves the principles of mechanics and the material of the object.

Motion of balls:


Curve motion pattern:


Running pattern:



My teammate and I were in charge of the entire production process, including writing scripts and storyboards, designing paper-cutting with Adobe Illustrator, shooting, and finally editing and applying sound effects.

Production process:


Final Video

Note: You can also view this video through vimeo.